Nic Boling

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Nic Boling is the first Vice President of IT & Security at Tessitura. He was previously Chief Technology Officer at Sydney Opera House, where he led the teams responsible for networked systems, application support, web development, Tessitura, cyber security, and broadcast engineering. He was Sydney Opera House’s senior responsible officer for cyber security, records management, and freedom of information. He also managed the organization’s privacy function.

During more than a decade at Sydney Opera House, Nic managed a production services department, implemented state-of-the-art IPTV, wireless intercom, and two-way radio systems, and led the technical delivery for a digital transformation that rebuilt the website on an enterprise content management system and email marketing platform integrated with Tessitura. Nic holds a Bachelor of Security Analysis, a Graduate Certificate in Cyber Security, and a double Masters in Policing, Intelligence & Counter-Terrorism and International Security Studies.