Laura Prunty – Recipient of INTIX Professional Development Grant 2024

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Late last year, I applied for a Professional Development Grant to attend the INTIX 2024 ticketing conference. PDG’s are awarded to successful applicants all over the world, so I didn’t like my chances, but thought it was worth a shot.

Imagine my shock when I received an email in late December congratulating me on my successful application!

Fast forward a month later, and I was arriving at my very first INTIX conference in Las Vegas. In order to make the most of the grant, I volunteered to help load buses for the venue walk throughs, scanned multiple sessions and went to as many mixers I could squeeze in. A highlight session for me was “This calls for a spreadsheet!” which was hosted by the wonderful Stuart Levy (Wicked, Broadway), Kacy Woody from Highpoint Theatre, Ashley Voorhees from Omaha Performing Arts, and Rebecca Brown from the Kingston Grand Theatre. My inner excel nerd ran free as in this session I found some very handy shortcuts and tips on producing meaningful insights in excel format.

I particularly enjoyed the INTIX Town Hall “Glamour, Grit and Greatness: Women Leaders in Vegas Entertainment” which consisted of a panel of incredible women; Amy Graca from Caesars Entertainment, Amanda Moore, SVP of Bookings for Live Nation, Kelsey Bannister from the Las Vegas Grand Prix and Angela Miles-Powell from Ticketmaster. It was great to hear these women discuss identifying priorities, highs and lows in their career and the importance of having a great mentor. I am lucky that I have one of these in the shape of Angela Higgins!

From the Brooklyn Bowl opening night event, to the many sessions and mixers, the exhibition hall, visit to the Sphere and O by Cirque Du Soleil and being flung 1,081 feet above the Vegas strip, I don’t think I left many stones unturned in the 5 nights I was in attendance at the INTIX 2024 conference.

As wonderful as it was meeting hundreds of ticketing professionals from all over the world, it was equally as special to forge stronger relationships with those from the Australian Ticketing Industry, some of whom I had never met in person and now consider great friends.