Heath Wilder

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Heath is the Director of Customer Experience for the Sydney Theatre Company and has been delving into Ticketing and CRM for a decade.

Previously, they worked as Head of CRM and Business Intelligence for Sydney Dance Company, and in the Sydney Opera House ticketing department, on Gadigal land. Heath currently co-chairs the Neurodiversity & Mental Wellness and analytic Coffee! int the Tessitura International Community. 

 Away from STC, Heath has a Master’s in Medical Science (Neurophysiology) and a Bachelor’s degree in Performing Arts. They worked as an actor for 20 years in a variety of mediums from stand-up, theatre, and television, and still have a huge love of their science roots. Heath is active in the autistic community, regularly collaborating on projects providing support and awareness for neurodivergent folk. They operate and administer community forums for autistic adult professionals from around the world.