Jannawi Dance Clan

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From the rich story telling traditions of Aboriginal NSW Jannawi dance clan shines a light on strength, resilience and artistry of Aboriginal women, men, youth and dance culture today.

Jannawi dance clan is an Indigenous dance company encompassing modern urban and traditional Aboriginal dance styles with traditional music by song man Matthew Doyle singing in the Sydney languages.

The name Jannawi means ‘with me, with you’ in the Dharug language of NSW Jannawi has a passion and are dedicated to continue and revitalize Sydney’s language culture and stories.

Jannawi dance clan’s work involves performing traditional ceremonies, welcome to country dances, contemporary dance, music festivals, community and corporate events, educational school shows and workshops for early childhood, primary, high school and teaching in communities.

Jannawi practices, performs and teaches to inspire other indigenous people to practice cultural values and identities. To be proud and show our commitment to honour and share knowledge, encourage awareness and understanding of the world’s oldest living indigenous culture.

Led by Artistic Director Peta Strachan is a descendant of the Dharug people, of the Boorooberongal clan of NSW. Peta is a professional dancer choreographer, teacher and costume maker with 31 year’s experience in the industry.